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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Describing game – [ advanced ]

Find The Occupants

Type of the activity

  • Whole class
  • Maching game

Level :

  • Intermediate – advanced

Function Practised

  • Describing houses and people


  • He is / she is / it is / they are ……(+adjective)
  • Present simple/present continuous for expressing habit

Lexical areas

  • Houses, people, appearance, age, occupation, habits

Problem Vocabulary

  • Castle, detached, terrace, cottage, lighthouse, semi detached, bungalow

How to use the game

  1. Make some copies of the papers.
  2. Cut one set of picture (house and people) and give to the students. They will act as house owner (5 students).
  3. Cut another set of picture, but this time discard the picture of a house and leave a picture of the people.
  4. Spread the picture of people to the rest of the students. They may get the same picture, but don't let them know this. You can do this by shuffle the cards.
  5. Use the remains complete set for you (teacher) to control student works.
  6. The goal of this game is for each student to find the suitable house for them by asking the owner the house the characteristics of the people living in that house. To do this they must move around the class, describing their appearance and confirm if they are one member of the house-owner family.
  7. When they have their house, they should sit with the house owner and waiting for another family member that might be still looking for their house.
  8. The teacher should give a time limit, it's usually 5 minutes for intermediate level, and 3 minutes for advanced. But you can adjust the time according to the number of students involved in the activity.
  9. Good luck.


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