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Sunday, May 9, 2010



( Recount )


Task 1

Observe the picture and answer the following questions.

1. What picture is it?

2. Have you ever got the letter showing in the picture?

3. How do you feel when you got the letter showing in the picture?

4. What kind of letter is it, formal or informal letter?

5. Do we have to wear a formal clothes?




Task 2

Read the text carefully then answer the questions.

Were you invited?

Last week I just got a wedding invitation. It was from my schoolmate. He lived in a remote village far from town. He would marry a beautiful young girl. She was just two years younger than him.

At the appointed day, I got up early since I had never gone to his house before. I wore my best formal suit since I believed I would meet my old friends there. It was a sunny day and I drove my car happily. After an hour driving, I arrived at the village mentioned in the invitation. I kept driving to the appointed direction and followed the map written in the invitation.

I was surprised to see a party in a distance. I thought it would take for about fifteen to twenty minutes driving to that place, and it's just ten minutes from the last time I saw the border of village. Seeing at the crowd, I thought the party had been started. I was hurriedly parking my car and joining the party.

I was looking around anxiously since I couldn't find any of my old-friends there. I looked at the bride and bridegroom, I was confused because the bride was not my friend. I tried to calm myself down. I sat still and ate my snack.

Ten minutes passed by, suddenly my mobile phone rang. It was from my old friend. He was asking my position. I was waited by all my old friends. It was only me who was not present. I said that I would be there soon after the party I was joining now was over.

They were surprised, by after awhile they all laughed. Finally they knew that I was joining the wrong wedding party.


Answer the following question.

1.    What did the writer get last week?

2.    Where did the writer's friend live?

3.    How did the writer go to the party?

4.    Did the writer join the right party?

5.    When would the writer join his friend's wedding party?


Task 3

Match the words in the left column with their Indonesian on the right column.

  1. Invitation
  2. Remote
  3. Appointed
  4. Since
  5. Wore
  6. Believed
  7. Kept
  8. Mentioned
  9. Distance
  10. crowd
  1. kejauhan
  2. terus atau tetap
  3. mengenakan atau memakai
  4. ditentukan
  5. undangan
  6. terpencil
  7. karena / sejak
  8. percaya
  9. disebutkan
  10. kerumunan


Task 4

Answer following questions based on the above invitation letter.

1.     What kind of letter is that?

2.    Who will get married ?

3.     When will the party be held?

4.     Where will the party be held?

5.     Mentioned some important things an invitation letter should have?


Task 5

Try to make an invitation letter based on the following situation.

1. 2.


















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