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yani subandriyo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hard bargaining


By Yani Subandriyo




Type of activity

    Whole class activity


Function practiced

    Making an offer and setting condition (syarat)


Language Exponent

    Would you give me……..?

    Will you give me…..?

    Would you like to get ……?

    Do you need…..?

    If I give you …………will you give me…….

    How about exchange my …….. with your ……….?

    I will give you …… if you give me ……..


Lexical Area

    Animals, DIY (do it yourself), cookery, household


Problem Vocabularies

    Paintbrush, paint, stepladder, wallpaper, paste, glass, nails, hammer, hardboard, tape, flour, yeast, salt, water, mixing bowl, screw-driver, glue, screws, eggs, butter, sugar, hoe, spade, trowel, fork, gardening gloves, shampoo, apron, rubber gloves, gloves, towel, bath, packet of seeds, matches, sticks, coal, newspaper, shovel, bucket of soapy water, sponge, polish, hosepipe, dry clothes,


How to use the game

The game may be played with any number of students, but six is the minimum to ensure sufficient interaction.

Copy one task card and a set of corresponding picture card for each student in the class. Give each student a task card. Shuffle the picture cards and distribute them randomly, five to each student, so that no student gets the picture cards which correspond to his/her task card.

The object of the game is to collect the items necessary for the task allotted.

To do this, students should move around the class, offering items in exchange for others. Students may only exchange items – they may not give them away. They may have to make intermediate transaction in order to get the item they really want.


For complete material and download you can follow this link :


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