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yani subandriyo

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Preference (speaking)


By yani subandriyo

Type of activity

Whole class students


Function practiced

Stating preference

Language Exponent


Which one do you prefer, orange or banana?

Which one do you like better, orange or banana?


I like orange better than banana.

I like swimming better than cycling.

I prefer orange to banana.

I prefer swimming to

I would rather have orange than have banana.

I would rather swim than cycle.

Lexical Area

Daily activities, sport, things around us.

Problem Vocabularies

Dog, cat, dancing, jogging, swimming, skiing, painting, reading, playing guitar, playing piano, playing tennis, playing football, nurse, teacher, surgeon, dentist, a man, a woman, bed, bedroll, sofa, chair, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, plane, tree, flower, chicken, swan, butterfly, bee, letter, telephone, elephant, tiger, snake, bug, hammer, saw, rain, sunny, banana, apple, bird, fish, young, old, castle, camp, water, fire, paper, scissors, ice-cream, hamburger, walkman, stereo, skateboard, roller, boots, slippers.

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  1. Hai Friend, apa khabar?
    Blog kamu keren loh!
    Kalau sempat silahkan mampir di blog saya, yaa…
    Kita bisa berbagi tentang motivasi.
    Kali ini saya posting “Membangun Percaya Diri”.
    Selamat menikmati, semoga bermanfaat.


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