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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to teach effectively

One day one of my teaching colleges came into teacher's room with a hard look. His eyes were menacing and his face was really tensed. Nobody asked him, and nobody talked to him either. He was really mad.

A couple of minute passed and finally he opened the conversation. But, this time, I could hardly say that it was a good talking, it's just an expression of a frustrating teacher. As normally, he started to blame our students.

I believed that those happening can be found almost in every school. When the teaching-learning was failed, students were the object should be blamed. We could easily claimed that they were not attentive, lazy, no motivation, and even no potencies or talent in our school subject. But, what about ourselves??? It was really obvious that teacher was a clear mirror for the teaching-learning process. When teacher came out from the classroom frustrated, the teaching-learning process had to be frustrating, and vice verse.

Logically, the success of teaching-learning process involved not only students, but also another learning component, such as teacher and the facilities. But according to me, teacher and students plays more important role in a successful teaching-learning process. It was said by our first president that everyone could be a teacher and everyplace could be a school. But he didn't state how to create a good classroom, did he? And this is the point where we are heading to….

  • Teaching naturally
    • Let's look back at our childhood and answer the following question by ourselves. Which one was more interesting to be studied, spelling the alphabets or learning how to make a good kite? I do believe that learning how to make a good kite was more important than spelling. What I want to say here is that we will be more motivated to learn something when we need it. In philosophical term people will learn something only when they need it. So I think the most important thing to do is how to develop students' awareness on the importance of our teaching subject. And it must be done at the beginning of our teaching, and we should not progress till this phased was reached, otherwise we will fail to create students' curiosity and interest in our teaching subject.
  • Understanding student's learning type
    • As all we know that we are facing four types of students' learning style.
      • The visual students tend to be interested only in something interesting to be seen. It can be something colorful or having good shape.
      • The auditory students tend to be interested only in something nice to be heard. So a good teacher must vary their tone to maintain students' attention.
      • The audio-visual students tend to be interested only something good to be seen and to be heard. It's the combination of audio and visual learning type.
      • The psychomotor students tend to be interested in a school subject which require him to move in learning it.



To be able to create a good class environment we could do the following suggestion;

  • Try to get students awareness of the importance of our teaching topic every time we start our teaching. It's better to grade our school subject from the most interesting to the students to the least interesting. It's known that once students' thought that our teaching was enjoyable, they tend to be enjoy in every topic we present. So our first impression is really important. It is really suggestive. I myself usually sacrificed my first meeting with my new students just to get a good impression.
  • Provide all students' learning style. Don't be afraid to be a laughed by students as long as they understand our teaching topic. We won't lose our pride just because students laugh at us. As long as we could maintain our good behavior. We could be a clown, but let them know that we are not a usual clown, we are an educated and serious clown. In other time we should put off our mask and behave strictly, e.g. in a evaluation, and testing time. So, everything will be put in balance. Students will surely love our class and by doing so hopefully they will understand our teaching topic, and in the other hand they keep respecting us as their teacher.
  • Have a nice try!!!!!

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