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yani subandriyo

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Source : http://www.esl-lab.com/radio/radiord1.htm

By : yani subandriyo


1. What service is being advertised?

A. home repair

B. food catering

C. carpet cleaning


2.Who is speaking in the commercial?

A. the salesperson

B. the carpet

C. the home owner


3. What is the regular cost of the service?

A. $22.95

B. $25.95

C. $29.95


4. What will new customers receive free of charge if they call now?

A. spot cleaner

B. silverware

C. wall hangings


5. What is the store's phone number?

A. 673-5010

B. 633-5100

C. 637-5001







Source : http://www.esl-lab.com/radio/radiord1.htm

By : yani subandriyo


Hey you! This is your carpet speaking. Helllooo! Hey, I take a real beating from you and your _____________1 [ friends pets family ] everyday. The kids track ______________2 [ mud dirt stains ] all over me, the dog leaves a bunch of fur balls everywhere. You _______________3 [ made spilt dropped ] coffee the other day while entertaining guests, and your husband left a trail of potato chip crumbs from the sofa to the kitchen last night while watching the ______________4 [ football basketball hockey ] game. Don't you think it's about time to give me a good cleaning?


Now pick up that phone and call Master Cleaners now. I see them on the TV all the time. They'll clean any three rooms for $29.95, and any ____________5 [ additional extra connecting ] hall is free. Plus, they'll throw in a free ____________ 6 [ sample bottle container ] of their amazing stain remover. And if you call now, you'll receive a ____________ 7 [ 5% 15% 50% ] discount off their already low prices. So come on! Give them a call at 637-5001, and make life for me a little easier. Uh, nice doggie, nice doggie . . .

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